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  • Ram
    Sr. Editor
    Realignment of Forces: Reality or Mirage?

    The fifteenth general elections have heralded a major shift towards single party dominance. Though it cannot be emphatically concluded that this dominance would continue, the BJP under Modi’s dispensation...

  • Ram
    Sr. Editor
    Rise and Fall of Jagan

    The 2014 general election in AP is a watershed election in more ways than one. Bifurcation preceded it and the scars of vivisection were too fresh in public memory. Given the complexity of Indian society and th...

  • Neelambroy
    Sr. Editor
    Pawan Kalyan a Trend Setter in Politics

    The much awaited Pawan Kalyan’s new Party has borne. The name of Party, JANA SENA is touching the hearts of common man. The way he spoke; the way he narrated; the way he presented convinced his fans that ...


Rajahmundry stampede occured to AP Public's indiscipline?